Here’s to being more mature, more open-minded and not to mention, getting older!
Spent my 20th birthday in CDeO City, where my dad also flew from Davao just to spend it with us. Long time no meals wherein all of us were complete! 💕
(Except for Rj, my cousin, who wasn’t with us d/t being away because medschool.)
Ate my heart out at Italianni’s x Tonkatsu at lunch - my most favorite cuisines ever. Italian and Japanese! 🐰
Of course, we had to have our yogurt fix at The White Hat (as usual).
During dinner, we celebrated at Sentro 1850, which has the best pasta in pesto oil and the squid thingy (sotong, sohong? Not sure). The day after, we celebrated my birthday, Chinese-style (Chinese food is the bomb too) at Gloria Maris. Basically the two days were spent on my favorite cuisines, lol.

I’ll be celebrating with my friends (The Shindigers) tonight! Preparing as I am posting this.

Cheers to being 20! 🍻

Preview Magazine

Previewis recognized as the Philippine Vogue and is the leading fashion magazine of the country. Been wanting to grab my own copy of the July issue with Georgina Wilson and Celine Lopez on the cover, both in color white, sporting the #normcore trend, which is something that I truly love. I’m such a sucker for this color (together with the color black), I would totally buy something especially when it’s in the color white. I’m so predictable.

Milk (scoliotic problems) + Preview = not a bad idea

Inside the magazine, there were actually lots of good stuff, which fitted my taste. Prep Star? Of course this is one of my most favorite looks, plus the classic black and white ensemble. Also, my nails have to be painted white. Told you I’m in love with this color <3

Highlight of the magazine (for me anyways) was seeing California girl and Sunnies by Charlie creative director Martine Cajucom (one of my fashion, style & life pegs. I just love her!) and reading (and reflecting) throughout her interview. She’s so witty, which makes me adore her more.

"I think the main problem is some people equate sexiness with sluttiness, and those are complete opposites."

And she totally got it right. 

Nice issue, Preview! Rhyming them because I can, trololol.

Typography Works

As you all might have known, I’m really into typography and/or lettering. I get my inspiration from various lettering artists in Instagram (yes, Instagram has its own artsy fartsy side and I love browsing through) and also different blogs.
I still really do need more practice as I am still a beginner in this.
Looking forward to more typography works - I love wasting my time, wasting ink trololol

Aside from being busy because of school, I’ve been trying to insert time for my lettering activities and book-reading. The latest series that I have finished is “Shatter Me” by Tahereh Mafi and let me just say this: Mafi does not fail. The twist and turns of the series were really great. No wonder Mafi and Riggs are a couple, they are both amazing authors, and I ship them so hard. I wouldn’t like to spoil (as that would be in a separate entry, under my #BookReview section) - not just yet, meh. Aaron Warner Anderson is love. That’s all I can articulate from too much awesomeness.
Anyhow, my friends have been teasing me for my #lettering / #typography activities but what can I do, I’m just too addicted. I constantly want to become better by browsing through lettering artists in the artsy fartsy side of Instagram.
Speaking of Instagram, follow me there! My account is “peerot”. If and only if, you fancy food, lettering, books (and sometimes selfies, shameless ones) posts. Gracie!
Brb, life is currently happening.

The 2nd Annual Trust Building Activities for the freshmen was more than successful and I’m so grateful for that. I honestly think that this activity is so helpful not only for them freshies but also to us, their seniors. It enables them to learn more about each other and become friends fast.
Made the poster again (same as last year) and of course, there’s gotta be sharks swimming. My literal take on the activity, lol.
Say hello to Anjo’s cute shark hat! Appropriately cool.

I’ve missed you, Tumblr! I’ve been incredibly busy and it does not seem like it’s only the 2nd month of classes. I feel drained already. But, no complaining, they said.


A place’s interiors amuse me. I specifically fancy vintage, pastel-colored walls, quirky designs of the lights, chairs, tables, decors and etc. Here are some photos of places that I really find amusing.

The White Hat - Their bricked white wall (not shown in photo) was totally nice.

Kenko Naicha Milk Tea - Loved their vintage feels inside

TeAmo Milk Tea Shop (located beside Lailai - across Iligan City Public Plaza) - Who could not love their cutesy decors? Everything’s pastel which makes the place easily adored.

Nail-a-holics - Loved the shade of blue they had for the walls. 

Last week before classes start, again

Starting this Monday, it would be the official start of the SY 2014-2015. I mean, I was never into the legit “summer mode” yet classes will start already next week. Since for my course, it’s pretty normal to have summer classes every year so I’m already used to it. But I just wanted to prolong my summer, you know? Most especially since I thought my university would have its calendar shift where classes will start this August. I really thought it would be like that, then I could spend my summer (for two months! Yey me!) just lying on bed, sleeping my arse off, reading pocketbooks and eating my heart out. But then all my fantasies were shut when I knew that Monday, June 9, would be the commencement of classes. Sigh.

But anyhow, my last week of “summer” was spent on going back and forth to Cagayan de Oro City since my other sister is starting her classes in medical school, together with my eldest sister. Which means that it’s just I and my mum left all alone at home. But #waitforme, meh.

A trip to Cdo wouldn’t ever be complete without:

1.) Italian frozen yogurt - which is like my mum’s happy place. She always goes there right after lunch and/or dinner. I mean, I couldn’t blame her since: a) Yogurt > regular ice cream or even gelato and b) it’s healthier, of course. I always have mine topped with kiwi and/or peaches. Kiwi is divine. Anything with kiwi, I love.

2.) Buying new books since Cdo is the nearest city which has a legit bookstore (sigh). Contemporary and YA ones are my favorites, but I’m willing to explore other genres too. I couldn’t resist and as a bibliophile myself, I always buy at least 1 book (even though there are still lots of books I haven’t read. Like, a lot.) #bookwormproblemsyeah?
Mostly all of my budget is spent on books and I don’t regret it. I love getting new books. You can literally just drop me to a bookstore and it would take me a whole lot of time just by browsing some covers and reading the synopsis etc. My family would even complain that I take too long just by looking at books. Huh.

You can also see here my all-time favorite baked mussels from Redtail Shrimps & More. We’re always so lucky to eat there and there’s still not a lot of people since after settling down, after 5 or 10 minutes, many people already go inside and the place is already filled with customers. I cannot even tell you how good those mussels were. So so so freaking good. I could eat them all day, all week. #aphrodisiac #hahaha

Met with my bffs since high school at TeAmo Milk Tea Shop. Always fun to catch up with them, stories (shocking ones, really) they tell and in return, experiences you share while you were away and etc.

Froot loops and Snapple! In Kiwi-Strawberry flavor. I told you I love anything kiwi.

Mint nails in ORLY in Nail-a-holics. I love getting my nails done. And ORLY is the best nailpolish brand (imho).

Hope you’re enjoying your last week of summer too, folks!
I’m officially a senior already and omg can I just say that time flies so fast?!

A Book Review: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

Title: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Author: Ransom Riggs

Publication: June 7, 2011 by Quirk Books

Genre: Young Adult, Horror, Dark Fantasy


A mysterious island. An abandoned orphanage. A strange collection of peculiar photographs. It all waits to be discovered in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, an unforgettable novel that mixes fiction and photography in a thrilling reading experience. As our story opens, a horrific family tragedy sets sixteen-year-old Jacob journeying to a remote island off the coast of Wales, where he discovers the crumbling ruins of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. As Jacob explores its decaying bedrooms and hallways, it becomes clear that Miss Peregrine’s children were more than just peculiar. They may have been dangerous. They may have been quarantined on a deserted island for a good reason. And somehow - impossible though it seems - they may still be alive.


This is the first of the series by Ransom Riggs and it was so good. Really, really good. It’s indeed a mixture of fiction, timeless love (if you get what I mean, lol), adventure, photography (amazing, amazing photographs inside the book) and discovering not only a whole new world, but also discovering yourself. 

The story started with Jacob Portman (the lead 16 year old boy) having told by his late Grandpa Abe with what seems like tales which his grandpa had experienced - discovering a safe haven for peculiar children, having been welcomed by a Miss Peregrine, and fighting and killing off monsters with his bare hands. With this, Jacob as a young boy, really believed in his grandpa and was inspired to kill monsters himself, too. But as Jacob, or what his grandpa calls him, Yakob, grew older, he began to realize that those stories told by his grandfather were merely not true just like that of fairy tales. He thought that maybe what his grandpa meant with monsters were not literally monsters. Maybe it was just a figure of speech then. It was a nice opening imo, since you could really think that there are really monsters in today’s generation, may it be our own monsters, or monsters who could really just kill us all in different ways. I just felt sorry for Jacob’s grandpa because almost, if not all, thought that he was delusional. Which makes sense though, since he was talking bullocks like seeing monsters where normal people couldn’t. 

This book really opened my imagination - I loved how it made me think of what’s going to happen next, since it was entirely unpredictable. I also love how Riggs made the concept of a “loop” where the peculiar children can live in the same day, Sept 3rd 1940, to be specific, over and over again, through Miss Peregrine, who was an ymbryne. I think that it was such a clever idea. 

Another thing that I loved were the photographs, of course. They were authentic, vintage found photographs and with the exception of a few that have undergone minimal postprocessing, they were unaltered. The story and the photographs really did work together, which made it seem like the story was real. I specifically freaked out when I read the part where Jacob saw Emma staring at her and when I turned the next page, I saw the photo of a girl staring with flame on her hands. Seriously had mini palpitations during that time. Thank goodness my sister was in the same room when I read that, lol.

“I used to dream about escaping my ordinary life, but my life was never ordinary. I had simply failed to notice how extraordinary it was. Likewise, I never imagined that home might be something I would miss.” 

When Jacob found the photographs and letters found inside Emma Bloom’s box which were from his grandfather Abe’s, I really liked that part. Where Abe first sent Emma his photo covering his ears while looking at a bomb (where he was about the same age as Jacob was - 16 years young) with the caption “To my bombshell” (lol), then Emma imitating Miss Peregrine, and then a photo of Abe carrying a little girl with the caption “This is why” - which really broke my heart into pieces, I felt for Emma. 

“She moved to pinch me again but I blocked her hand. I’m no expert on girls, but when one tries to pinch you four times, I’m pretty sure that’s flirting.” 

That particular quote made me laugh. Funny how old women (stucked in a girl’s body) used to flirt, meh.

“We hadn’t spoken since the day he nearly shoved me off the roof, but we both understood the importance of maintaining the illusion of having friends.” 

Overall, this book was spectacular. I literally couldn’t bring it down. The moment my eyes hurt from too much reading, I would rest for a couple of minutes but after that, even though they still hurt, I couldn’t bring myself to not read it. It was that awesome. Really and absolutely recommending this to all book readers who are fans of the Harry Potter series, just like me. You wouldn’t regret this, I promise. Too much love and appreciation for this one. 


My weekend, in squares:

1. Some of my books which are mostly of the young adult, romance and contemporary genres. Just a part of my collection since others are still borrowed, while others are lost, omg. I’ve been collecting books since my elementary years when I used to read Madison Finn, Nancy Drew and Goosebumps. I remember going to the library and just read there, while waiting for my “sundo” back in grade school. And I totally felt happy and it was what I needed, surprisingly. A much needed “me time”. I actually loved being on my own - and I still do. Anyhow, I need a bigger space for my books, let’s say, my own book shelf.

2. Photo of I and my sister in fish eye. I recently got my 3-in-1 lens in the cheapest price (the cheapest I could ever find online since I was in my own “lens hunting” phase). I particularly loved having every photo in fish eye be in the classic black and white. For the vintage-y feels.

3. Coffee + cake = always a good idea. This was at Aruma, and it’s been a long time already since I went here. The last time being during our shooting for our short film. I’m trying to desensitize myself with coffee (I’m kind of like prohibited. I know.) but I’m still having mini palpitations but I’m hoping I’ll get to the point where coffee does not make me palpitate anymore. #highhopes

4. Ransom Riggs’ Home for Peculiar Children for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Overall, my weekend was pretty okay. Hope yours was twice as “okay” too! Off to dreamland as I’m writing this.